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Mar 19, 2013 9:00pm PDT
to place pressure on the state department and obama administration to help release her husband christian pastor saeed abedini. he was arrested last july during a trip to build an orphan age. she said he was skyping with her and two kids daily. that all changed when he was taken into custody. >> we didn't know where he was for a week. they kept saying mommy, can we hear his voice. i couldn't explain why that he was physically taken to prison. they kept saying does daddy not love us anymore. does daddy not want to hear our voice anymore? i had to tell them daddy was jesus. abedini is a u.s. citizen, beaten in prison and internal bleeding. justice represents the abedini family and collected a petition with a half million signatures calling for his release. cbn is sending aid to people that lost their homes. hundreds of rampaging muslims community destroying 170 homes. the mob was fuelled by the accused of blasphemy islam's prophet mohammed. most christians fled the home before the attack. they marched in the streets of islama bad. in pakistan blasphemy against mohammed carries the death pen
Mar 12, 2013 9:00pm PDT
leaders who told him that the obama administration is giving support to the muslim brotherhood, without considering the persecution they have been suffering. wolf says one day there might not be any christians left in the middle east. up next, a pastor, his wife, and two daughters murdered in the philippines, but the tragedy is bringing new life to the church. >> wendy: welcome back. venezualan christians are considering their future after president hugo chavez succumbed to cancer this week. during his long fight with cancer, catholics and evangelicals held prayer vigils for the president. although relations between the government and the church were often strained under chavez, the head of the evangelical council expressed optimism about the future. >> we are expecting we can continue and that we can be involved in some way in the electoral process as citizens of the country. we need a transformation of our society. and we need to trust that the lord will change the society, and not just the political ideological system. >> wendy: olson and other evangelical leaders have called for uni
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2